Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Inspector Clouseau, I wanna meet you!

Inspector Clouseau is a funniest detective ever, watching his movie will make you laugh (but not until cry). I like his bold french accent(1). He hires the best accent coach to teach him how to pronounce 'hamburger'(2) (on his movie, he said darmburger, 'amburger or da-burger). And, I like the way he say 'o'(3) and 'u'(4) in many words, very Clouseau!

(1) It makes me want to learn French, oui, oui.. je parle francais! (in bahasa: frang-syeh)
(2) I'm hungry..
(3) Like in the word 'honor' (he said: onoh)
(4) Like in the word 'justice' (he said: justis)

Image from: www.reelmovienews.com/gallery/jacques-clouseau/

Gita Gutawa

I should not idolize a young 16 year old girl
notes : her impressive high pitch voice makes me want to join a singing class

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

wrap wrap wrap....!!!

I'm not a spectacular artist. When I came to wrapping paper for creating a perfect package, I gave up. My hands do not get-alongable with that stuffs. But, that won't be a problem anymore, this lace tape could be my saviour. Oh my, isn't that cute?

ps. I wonder when Gramedia would sell this stuff..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Singin' in the Rain

You have to watch this movie -like the poster said- it's a treasure! The songs, dances and the 50's costumes are really great. This movie was claimed as one of the best musical ever made. According to Wikipedia this movie has been parodied and imitated numerous times. Especially the dance, many great actors dance like Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) in their films. Starting from Tom Hanks in Punchline, Jean Reno in Leon , Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge to a ridiculous janitor at Springfield Primary School, Groundskeeper Willie who was singing with an umbrella (like Gene Kelly of course) while it was an acid rain on The Simpson's episode Brawl in The Family.