Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I wanna be a stay at home Mom!

Becoming a housewife could be incredibly great. I imagine myself:
+ Taking care of my kids
+ Cooking (I’ve been collecting cookbooks!)
+ Gardening (I imagine I have an inner yard next to my dining room)
+ Sewing (I always wanted to sew my own clothes)
+ Decorating house (I will move and remove arm chair, rearrange bookshelf, change a tablecloth everyday, arrange picture frames, and label many jars)
+ Painting (want to learn it)
+ Photography-ing (I’ll take my kids pictures and put them in a memory books)
+ Doing some quilting (yeah, although it’s difficult but I’ll try!)
+ Making an ice cream (coffee crunch, rocks!!)
+ Writing a book (it’s always been my dream to write a book, maybe about chemistry at home or basic chemistry)
+ And of course, Blogging!!!

But now, I’m a 7 to 4*, sort of… :(

*Office and business hours (or goverment hours) in Indonesia is starting earlier from 7.30 am till 16.00 pm.