Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve



Happy New Year Everyone, easy, 
it's just a matter of a date on the calendar! 

Saturday, December 26, 2009

White Coat

I wear a white coat everyday during my work time. Yes, white coat is an everyday uniform for me, I just can’t let it go. Honestly, it makes me boring sometime; white long sleeve coat, a row white buttons with an office embroidery logos. I’m wandering if only I could design many own styles of white coat, maybe it will be interesting to wear. In order to improve the coat and make it more suitable and also ease the boring, I have some ideas to make a small changes (you know, small, I repeat, small!). Yeah, who knows my design will become a trendsetter fashion for scientist in the whole wide world (I imagine I’m becoming a flexible artsy scientist, who doing a research, live, life and breath with Chemistry while I’m also a fashion designer too!! What an extraordinary!). Ok, here we go, this is my ideas:

Made by wool, design with additional belt
It will make me more flexible in my movements; furthermore, of course it makes me chic enough. But this style -like BananaRepublic or Mackage- only suitable for winter, not for working in the labs with a tropical climate.

Balmain's Style
This style coul protect me more because the present of many buttons, which very close to each other. This will protect me from microorganism, a dangerous spilled-out reagents or vapors from volatile gases. But, with this style makes me look like Michael Jackson!

Fur Collar
Like D&G has made, yeahh, absolutely clear, I’ll look like a bride from Alaska.

V neck, four pockets, beautiful textures wool like Marc Jacobs has made.
Yep, I just sit on my chair, do nothing. Who’s on earth will be dare enough to make a Marc Jacobs coat dirty?

Layered Coat
If only i got  a lisence and noble advice from Vera Wang

Napoleon Coat style
Made by stiff fabric and maybe there will be a little embroideries, emmhhh.. it takes a journey if I have to take my coat to Tasik.

Hittler’s Style
The most suitable coat for working in the lab. Long sleeve, two lines buttons, but off course without a mustache

Black buttons, belted, high heel black boot, black purse style
It’s definitely I’m not a scientist if I have to wear all of these things. I might be a famous soccer player’s wife, a model or something like that. Hah!

So, emmmpffhhh... confusing. But, although my design (this is original) cannot be carried out yet, I still comfortable with my white polyester-cotton coat which i use everyday. You know, I’m very proud that my profession allowed me to wear a white coat. Really! You’ll get some respects (doctors will say that, not me).

Another silly think
-I hope Lagerfield will read my writing-

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An Atom Who Excitating

“It needs a deep understanding about atoms and atomic process to learn on this atom-exitation things” more or less that’s what my Analytical Chemistry lecture said. But, not this time. This writing is not recommended for analytical chemistry reference or any other branch of chemistry.

Ok, let’s dig in! Excitation is a process when an atom absorbs energy, and caused it moves to the highest orbital (Excitation Stage). This stage only last in a short period. Being unstable, the atoms back to its original stage called Ground State while emitting the same energy as its absorb.

Okay, what’s in the holes?

Phase 1 : Why an atom absorbs energy?
The biggest possibility is atoms are starving. What are they going to eat? Let’s assume it is a light.

Phase 2 : How an atom absorbs energy?
There could be a lot of possibilities to answer this question. It could be the atoms get the energy from Hollow Cathode Lamp or any other source and atoms welcome it with pleasure. Second possibilities is, atom catch the energy from anywhere and anything. This condition requires atom has to be careful to find the energy that suits the atom. Third possibility is the atom steal the energy, and this condition could we seen as the atom is really-really starving to death… as if the atom would exist no more if it didn’t consume the energy.

Phase 3 : Why does the atom jump to the higher orbital when he finished its meal?
Just like Garfield, when the atom is full, it will be happy and to express its happiness, it starts to jump and hop all around until it exposes to other orbital which the energy level is higher than the atom usually have. Euphoria might be the perfect word to explain the situation. But the problem is, as the atom feels that it is too full for it consuming the “meal”, the atom doesn’t feel any comfortable with itself, and the atom misses his late home where it could feel comfortable according to the atom.

Phase 4 : Why the atom should release its energy which it consumed?
Well you can say that, if you are too full with your food and you make some sudden move laike hopping around, you will sick and want to throw up. I guess, this is also what happens to the atom. After the atom found its euphoria by eating the energy jumping all around, it pukes. So all of the things that the atom consume will be thrown out

Phase 5 : When the atom gets back to its habitat, wouldn’t it make the atom starving again..??
Correct. The atom will try to find another energy to consume for his meal. All this cycle will be done over and over again by the atom (I wonder when the atom would stop to do that silly things). The biggest issue that the atom face is why the atom should do the hop and jump around things? Why don’t the atom keep still and stay on the higher orbital.

Silly think.

Discussion and translation with   Recky Rida

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I wanna be a stay at home Mom!

Becoming a housewife could be incredibly great. I imagine myself:
+ Taking care of my kids
+ Cooking (I’ve been collecting cookbooks!)
+ Gardening (I imagine I have an inner yard next to my dining room)
+ Sewing (I always wanted to sew my own clothes)
+ Decorating house (I will move and remove arm chair, rearrange bookshelf, change a tablecloth everyday, arrange picture frames, and label many jars)
+ Painting (want to learn it)
+ Photography-ing (I’ll take my kids pictures and put them in a memory books)
+ Doing some quilting (yeah, although it’s difficult but I’ll try!)
+ Making an ice cream (coffee crunch, rocks!!)
+ Writing a book (it’s always been my dream to write a book, maybe about chemistry at home or basic chemistry)
+ And of course, Blogging!!!

But now, I’m a 7 to 4*, sort of… :(

*Office and business hours (or goverment hours) in Indonesia is starting earlier from 7.30 am till 16.00 pm.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Still talking about Batik.

There are many different batik designs, in general, there are two categories : geometric motif and free form design. Particular design have been associated with traditional festivals and specific religious ceremonies like wedding. It was thought that certain cloth had mystical powers to ward off ill fortune, while other pieces could bring good luck.

Kawung is another very old design consisting of intersecting circles, known in Java since at least the thirteenth century. This design has appeared carved into the walls of many temples throughout Java such as Prambanan near Jogjakarta and Kediri in East Java. For many years, this pattern was reserved for the royal court of the Sultan of Jogjakarta. The circles are sometimes embellished inside with two or more small crosses or other ornaments such as intersecting lines or dots. It has been suggested that the ovals might represent flora such as the fruit of the kapok (silk cotton) tree or the aren (sugar palm).

Ceplok is a general name for a whole series of geometric designs based on squares, rhombs, circles, stars, etc. Although fundamentally geometric, ceplok can also represent abstractions and stylization of flowers, buds, seeds and even animals. Variations in color intensity can create illusions of depth. The Indonesian population is largely Muslim, a religion that forbids the portrayal of animal and human forms in a realistic manner. To get around this prohibition, the batik worker does not attempt to express this matter in a realistic form. A single element of the form is chosen and then that element is repeated again and again in the pattern.

Parang was once used exclusively by the royal courts of Central Java. It has several suggested meanings such as 'rugged rock', 'knife pattern' or 'broken blade'. The Parang design consists of slanting rows of thick knife-like segments running in parallel diagonal bands. Parang usually alternated with narrower bands in a darker contrasting color. These darker bands contain another design element, a line of lozenge-shaped motifs call mlinjon. There are many variations of this basic striped pattern with its elegant sweeping lines, with over forty parang designs recorded. The most famous is the 'Parang Rusak' which in its most classical form consisting of rows of softly folded parang. This motif also appears in media other than batik, including woodcarving and as ornamentation on gamelan musical instruments.

Modern batik, although having strong ties to traditional batik, utilizes linear treatment of leaves, flowers and birds. These batiks tend to be more dependent on the dictates of the designer rather than the stiff guidelines that have guided traditional craftsmen. This is also apparent in the use of color that modern designers use. Artisans are no longer dependent on traditional (natural) dyes, as chemical dyes can produce any color that they wish to achieve. Modern batik still utilizes canting and cap to create intricate designs.


Thursday, October 15, 2009


If you (1) have time to whine and complain about something (2)
then you have the time to do something about it.
(Quote from Anthony J. D'Angelo, Founder of The Collegiate EmPowerment Company and creator of The Inspiration Book Series)

(1) Whiner: A type of person whose only way of speaking is through non stop complaining. I know someone like this, and I hate someone like this. Beware a complainer, because once they find a vent they won't let that person go until they are a complainer themselves. (quote from urbandictionary).
(2) Unnecesarry things..

Friday, October 9, 2009


Hollanders called it Hagelslag. Indonesians called it Meises (I don't know where this is come from). For the Americans, it's known as Sprinkles or Jimmies. I prefer to call it meises (you know where I'm leaving). Meises is one of Broodbeleg(1) made by chocolates and sugar. This kind of broodbeleg is also common in Indonesia(2), Belgium and Suriname, once a colony of The Netherlands.

Dutch hagelslag was first invented in 1936 by Gerard de Vries for Venz, a Dutch company. Inspired by several letters to Venz from a five-year-old boy named H. Bakker asking for a broodbeleg, prompted de Vries's to develope the hagelslag. After much research and venture, de Vries and Venz created the first machine to produce the tiny cylindrical treats. They were named "Hagelslag" after their resemblance to a weather phenomenon prominent in the Netherlands, hail (hagel)(3).

the common plastic packages of meises made in Indonesia, the brand name is Ceres

this is the premium version, you could find it in Setiabudhi Store

You could see the different, this is the real hagelslag from Netherlands

the other

and the other one..


(1) : Broodbeleg is a bread topping examples butter, margarine, jam, pindakaas, cheese, chocolate paste.
(2) : In Indonesia, Roti Tawar (white bread) with many kind of broodbeleg is a common breakfast foods besides Nasi Goreng.
(3) : I couldn't see the connection...

source :

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Morning Rain

the sound, the scent, soft and calm, refreshing rain..
with Rod Stewart's song...

remind me of my mom..

Friday, October 2, 2009

Indonesian Celebrate Batik Day on Oct 2

Indonesian have been asked to wear Batik on oct. 2 to celebrate UNESCO`s decision to include Batik in its list of "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" items. And I saw everyone wearing Batik today, including the students here at Polytechnic, oh my, they're very cute! I hope every friday, Indonesian always wear Batik in honor of our heritage.

Masyarakat Indonesia disarankan memakai Batik pada tanggal 2 Oktober 2009 untuk merayakan keputusan UNESCO yang telah mengkategorikan Batik ke dalam daftar "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity". Dan, hari ini saya melihat semua orang memakai batik, termasuk para mahasiswa di Politeknik, dan ya ampun, mereka keliatan lucu banget deh! Saya harap masyarakat Indonesia mengenakan Batik setiap hari jumat dalam rangka menghormati warisan luhur budaya kita.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sumatra Shaken by New Earthquake

Peace, Prayers dan Blessings for the victims of earthquake in Padang and Jambi.
Semoga para korban dan masyarakat disana senantiasa ada dalam perlindungan Allah SWT. Amin.

Fear of Commitment

image from
Guys decided they wanted to get married when:
  1. his dad suggested it
  2. he was committed when his girlfriend helped him through a rough time
  3. had to deal with a drug addiction


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Inspector Clouseau, I wanna meet you!

Inspector Clouseau is a funniest detective ever, watching his movie will make you laugh (but not until cry). I like his bold french accent(1). He hires the best accent coach to teach him how to pronounce 'hamburger'(2) (on his movie, he said darmburger, 'amburger or da-burger). And, I like the way he say 'o'(3) and 'u'(4) in many words, very Clouseau!

(1) It makes me want to learn French, oui, oui.. je parle francais! (in bahasa: frang-syeh)
(2) I'm hungry..
(3) Like in the word 'honor' (he said: onoh)
(4) Like in the word 'justice' (he said: justis)

Image from:

Gita Gutawa

I should not idolize a young 16 year old girl
notes : her impressive high pitch voice makes me want to join a singing class

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

wrap wrap wrap....!!!

I'm not a spectacular artist. When I came to wrapping paper for creating a perfect package, I gave up. My hands do not get-alongable with that stuffs. But, that won't be a problem anymore, this lace tape could be my saviour. Oh my, isn't that cute?

ps. I wonder when Gramedia would sell this stuff..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Singin' in the Rain

You have to watch this movie -like the poster said- it's a treasure! The songs, dances and the 50's costumes are really great. This movie was claimed as one of the best musical ever made. According to Wikipedia this movie has been parodied and imitated numerous times. Especially the dance, many great actors dance like Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) in their films. Starting from Tom Hanks in Punchline, Jean Reno in Leon , Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge to a ridiculous janitor at Springfield Primary School, Groundskeeper Willie who was singing with an umbrella (like Gene Kelly of course) while it was an acid rain on The Simpson's episode Brawl in The Family.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Watching movies is one of my favourite. I like it a lot, it takes my mind of things. Not in the cinema, but in my bedroom. The best part watching movies in your room is you can wear whatever clothes you want. It’s doesn’t require a tight jeans with heels, dress with scarf or even make up. Just sit on your bed and cover yourself with blanket while grab some cookies. Recently, I have watched romance comedy and drama movies like The Holiday, Forest Gump (yeah, I know, this is old), Sex and The City, Benjamin Button (makes me cry even though already watched it twice). Can’t hardly wait to rental many great films!

Say Thank You (it wouldn't hurt you)

I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.
~William Shakespeare

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day

The hardest part of fasting is you have to manage your anger, or in another word mortified the flesh. I try not to take everything so seriuosly whatever happen to me, no matter how bad, hurt or annoying it is. I keep my bad emotions along the day. For example, in this afternoon, when I was at my doctor to buy an acne cream, I was shocked when I look at the price. Why they didn’t tell me about the raise? But, the chasier-lady said, it was so long ago they have raised the price (yeah, I know I never buy those cream since emhhhh....) Sooo.... Because I’m In the middle of fasting, I put my sweetest smile on my face and said, Oh, of course, that’s okay, thank you! I felt like an angel. My Mom must be proud of me, hehe. I know I’d make it through Maghrib time.

Two hours before I finished my fasting, he called me. He said something like ummmhh... investigating things, so I yelled at him!!! I hate when he always asked me those stupid questions!!!

Uppsss.. No, I’m not angry!!! I chill!!! Seriously!!!!!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Fasting!

Fasting mean there are no foods on your plate, no drinking, no rubbish-talk (there are many conditions to be obeyed).

The bad news is, you'll feel hungry and thirsty during the day. Of course you have to mortified the flesh otherwise your fasting must be gratuitous.

The good news is, if you have fasted for a month, you'll lose weight and -the best past is- lose your belly-fat and you'll look more skinny and fresh!! (just kidding).

Holy Ramadhan -for me- is gratefully welcomed (not kidding).

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Welkom op deze Blog!

Welcome to my new blog!
It's been over a thousand years since I posted on my other blog.
Now, I start a new one.