Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I always wander that beach is some place (like in the Baywatch) where there are white sand, blue ocean, and blue sky but without sexy lifeguards. But it turned out that I have too much expectation for that as the commercial beach I have ever been visited was like Coldplay's Yellow-beach, very gloomy.

One of my friends, Kharisma (she already gave me another pictures), has showed me a picture of a beach which she took two years ago in Sikuai. The picture was fantastic, not forget to mention the beach. It's awesome! I think the beach where David Hasselhof took part in Baywatch wouldn't stand a chance. The blue sky, the blue ocean, white sand and the most important thing is the place is quiet.

Pictures by: Kharisma Ulan S.*

Sikuai is one of the 19 islands which administratively owned by Padang City, West Sumatera, which is exactly located in Kecamatan Teluk Kabung. It is 36, 8 kilometer square or it's equal to 40 acre. I think this would be a must place to visit. Me and my husband agree with it.

According to the sources (remember I’ve never been there), the beauty of Sikuai beach blends with the beauty of the untouched forest, perfecto!!! Beach and forest, what a combination! It confuses me whether I have to wear khaki short or swimsuit.

My dream... tired for ridding a bike surrounding the island and diving, I will lay down on the white sand watching the sun with a wind blow, drinking a coconut water and listening to Frank Sinatra's Girl From Ipanema.



 *I put writing on it (so sorry Kharisma), I can't help it... :)