Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day

The hardest part of fasting is you have to manage your anger, or in another word mortified the flesh. I try not to take everything so seriuosly whatever happen to me, no matter how bad, hurt or annoying it is. I keep my bad emotions along the day. For example, in this afternoon, when I was at my doctor to buy an acne cream, I was shocked when I look at the price. Why they didn’t tell me about the raise? But, the chasier-lady said, it was so long ago they have raised the price (yeah, I know I never buy those cream since emhhhh....) Sooo.... Because I’m In the middle of fasting, I put my sweetest smile on my face and said, Oh, of course, that’s okay, thank you! I felt like an angel. My Mom must be proud of me, hehe. I know I’d make it through Maghrib time.

Two hours before I finished my fasting, he called me. He said something like ummmhh... investigating things, so I yelled at him!!! I hate when he always asked me those stupid questions!!!

Uppsss.. No, I’m not angry!!! I chill!!! Seriously!!!!!


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