Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An Atom Who Excitating

“It needs a deep understanding about atoms and atomic process to learn on this atom-exitation things” more or less that’s what my Analytical Chemistry lecture said. But, not this time. This writing is not recommended for analytical chemistry reference or any other branch of chemistry.

Ok, let’s dig in! Excitation is a process when an atom absorbs energy, and caused it moves to the highest orbital (Excitation Stage). This stage only last in a short period. Being unstable, the atoms back to its original stage called Ground State while emitting the same energy as its absorb.

Okay, what’s in the holes?

Phase 1 : Why an atom absorbs energy?
The biggest possibility is atoms are starving. What are they going to eat? Let’s assume it is a light.

Phase 2 : How an atom absorbs energy?
There could be a lot of possibilities to answer this question. It could be the atoms get the energy from Hollow Cathode Lamp or any other source and atoms welcome it with pleasure. Second possibilities is, atom catch the energy from anywhere and anything. This condition requires atom has to be careful to find the energy that suits the atom. Third possibility is the atom steal the energy, and this condition could we seen as the atom is really-really starving to death… as if the atom would exist no more if it didn’t consume the energy.

Phase 3 : Why does the atom jump to the higher orbital when he finished its meal?
Just like Garfield, when the atom is full, it will be happy and to express its happiness, it starts to jump and hop all around until it exposes to other orbital which the energy level is higher than the atom usually have. Euphoria might be the perfect word to explain the situation. But the problem is, as the atom feels that it is too full for it consuming the “meal”, the atom doesn’t feel any comfortable with itself, and the atom misses his late home where it could feel comfortable according to the atom.

Phase 4 : Why the atom should release its energy which it consumed?
Well you can say that, if you are too full with your food and you make some sudden move laike hopping around, you will sick and want to throw up. I guess, this is also what happens to the atom. After the atom found its euphoria by eating the energy jumping all around, it pukes. So all of the things that the atom consume will be thrown out

Phase 5 : When the atom gets back to its habitat, wouldn’t it make the atom starving again..??
Correct. The atom will try to find another energy to consume for his meal. All this cycle will be done over and over again by the atom (I wonder when the atom would stop to do that silly things). The biggest issue that the atom face is why the atom should do the hop and jump around things? Why don’t the atom keep still and stay on the higher orbital.

Silly think.

Discussion and translation with   Recky Rida

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