Saturday, December 26, 2009

White Coat

I wear a white coat everyday during my work time. Yes, white coat is an everyday uniform for me, I just can’t let it go. Honestly, it makes me boring sometime; white long sleeve coat, a row white buttons with an office embroidery logos. I’m wandering if only I could design many own styles of white coat, maybe it will be interesting to wear. In order to improve the coat and make it more suitable and also ease the boring, I have some ideas to make a small changes (you know, small, I repeat, small!). Yeah, who knows my design will become a trendsetter fashion for scientist in the whole wide world (I imagine I’m becoming a flexible artsy scientist, who doing a research, live, life and breath with Chemistry while I’m also a fashion designer too!! What an extraordinary!). Ok, here we go, this is my ideas:

Made by wool, design with additional belt
It will make me more flexible in my movements; furthermore, of course it makes me chic enough. But this style -like BananaRepublic or Mackage- only suitable for winter, not for working in the labs with a tropical climate.

Balmain's Style
This style coul protect me more because the present of many buttons, which very close to each other. This will protect me from microorganism, a dangerous spilled-out reagents or vapors from volatile gases. But, with this style makes me look like Michael Jackson!

Fur Collar
Like D&G has made, yeahh, absolutely clear, I’ll look like a bride from Alaska.

V neck, four pockets, beautiful textures wool like Marc Jacobs has made.
Yep, I just sit on my chair, do nothing. Who’s on earth will be dare enough to make a Marc Jacobs coat dirty?

Layered Coat
If only i got  a lisence and noble advice from Vera Wang

Napoleon Coat style
Made by stiff fabric and maybe there will be a little embroideries, emmhhh.. it takes a journey if I have to take my coat to Tasik.

Hittler’s Style
The most suitable coat for working in the lab. Long sleeve, two lines buttons, but off course without a mustache

Black buttons, belted, high heel black boot, black purse style
It’s definitely I’m not a scientist if I have to wear all of these things. I might be a famous soccer player’s wife, a model or something like that. Hah!

So, emmmpffhhh... confusing. But, although my design (this is original) cannot be carried out yet, I still comfortable with my white polyester-cotton coat which i use everyday. You know, I’m very proud that my profession allowed me to wear a white coat. Really! You’ll get some respects (doctors will say that, not me).

Another silly think
-I hope Lagerfield will read my writing-


  1. hopefully you could pursue your dream to sew one of those coat :P